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Dr. Greg Meier is a Skilled Ventura Dentist You can Trust!

If you are in need of dental implants, call Dr. Greg Meier at Hillview Dental Care in Ventura.  He specializes in placing implants that will last a lifetime.  Restoring a missing tooth or a gap in your smile is not just about aesthetics; gum tissue can be sensitive to sharp objects like chips and other things you may love to eat.  Replacing your tooth with a dental implant can allow you to enjoy the finer things in life, things you may be missing out on!  Call (805) 643-4184 to schedule a free implant consultation at Hillview Dental Care in Ventura and restore your smile today!

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I’m Thrilled with Hillview Dental Care and my new Dental Implant!

“I never had any dental issues, that is until last year when I developed an abscessed tooth. I waited too long to make an appointment and by the time I did a tooth extraction and a dental implant were my only options. As an elementary school teacher I speak all day long and once the pain started, it really affected my speech and productivity at work. I needed an appointment fast!  Several of my co-workers suggested I visit Dr. Greg Meier in Ventura.  I was actually embarrassed that I had waited so long, but Dr. Greg Meier and his staff put me at ease and walked me through the process to not only remove the tooth, but also to receive my permanent dental implant.  Thanks to Dr. Greg Meier, today I have a beautiful implant.  My smile is healthier, stronger, and better than ever.  I’m thrilled that Hillview Dental Care was recommended to me and now I recommend them to everyone I know.”

Ventura, CA
5-Star Rating

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What is a dental implant and do I need one?

A dental implant is used to restore an extracted tooth.  Whether you lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, bone loss, or an injury; a dental implant meets the functional needs of a natural tooth and also restores the look and beauty of your smile.  A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed directly into your jawbone, just like the root of all your other teeth.  Once an implant is placed, it’s then fitted with an abutment that is used to attach a beautiful, natural-looking crown. A dental implant can be placed in a single day or can take a series of dental visits, but once the procedure is complete you will be left with a tooth that looks and feels just like the rest of your teeth. If you take care of your dental implant the same way you care for your other natural teeth, with brushing and flossing, your implant can last a lifetime. Call Hillview Dental Care to schedule a complimentary implant consultation today!

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Do I need a bridge or an implant?

Deciding between a bridge or tooth implant is a decision that each patient should make after speaking with a skilled dentist. Here at Hillview Dental Care in Ventura, Dr. Greg Meier has treated hundreds of patients successfully with a precise, high-quality, custom-fit implant. Dr. Greg Meier has also helped many patients restore a tooth with a dental bridge.  However, the benefit of a dental implant is that it feels and functions like all the rest of your teeth, and can be treated as such when brushing and flossing.  You also don’t have to file down the two adjacent teeth like you do when fitting a patient with a dental bridge.  The only disadvantage to placing a dental implant is that it tends to be a little more expensive; but here at Hillview Dental Care, we offer affordable payment plans for any budget. Click here to schedule a free implant consultation today to see which of these treatment options is best for you!

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Affordable Dental Implants in Ventura!

Don’t let finances stop you from the smile that you want and need!  If you are looking for a dental implant, denture, or bridge to restore your smile, call our Ventura dental office today!  We offer several different payment options and will work with each patient individually to ensure that they get the dental work they need.  Many people are surprised that dental implants are more affordable than you think!  Click here to make an appointment for a free implant consultation today!

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In Need of a Dental Implant?

If you are in need of a dental implant to restore your smile, visit Dr. Greg Meier at Hillview Dental Care in Ventura for a free consultation today!  Let us restore your smile and your dental health!  Click here to make an appointment right now!

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Keri H.

I've seen lots of dentist in my years, but I've never had a dentist as great as Dr. Meier and his staff. I can honestly say I look forward too seeing them! Always pleasant, clean office.

Alice O.

Friendly & Positive Family run practice. Clean, neat office.
p.s loved that Dentist doesn`t pretend to be Dr.Phil, like most do.


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