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Bigger, Brighter, Whiter Smile

“Unfortunately, I smoked cigarettes throughout my twenties and thirties, and, though I quit smoking several years ago, my teeth were yellow and badly stained.  I’m also a coffee drinker, which has also affected the shade of my teeth.  After several months of using over the counter whitening gimmicks and toothpastes without much effect, I was discouraged and finally decided to research professional teeth whitening.  That is when I found Hillview Dental Care in Ventura!  First Dr. Greg Meier took impressions and then he created custom bleaching trays for me to take home.  It was so convenient and with the dental grade whitening gel, my teeth began to lighten after the first couple of uses.  Today, thanks to Dr. Greg Meier, I have regained a youthful, white smile – to be honest, a smile I wasn’t sure was possible.”

Ventura, CA
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Professional Teeth Whitening in Ventura

Visit Hillview Dental Care in Ventura and brighten up your smile today!  Dr. Greg Meier and his team have incredible whitening technology that can lighten your teeth several shades!  This can be an excellent way to change the look of your smile conveniently and quickly using professional teeth whitening treatment offered in our Ventura office. Call Hillview Dental Care today at (805) 643-4184 and ask us about our professional teeth whitening treatment options.  Start your journey to a whiter, better, and more youthful smile today!

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Ventura Teeth Whitening: When To Try?

If you have tried traditional bleaching strips and gels from your local grocery store but have not seen the results you hoped for, professional teeth whitening might be an excellent option to help you reach your desired goal.  At Hillview Dental Care in Ventura, we offer a safe and effective professional teeth whitening treatment that allows you to take home bleaching trays custom fit just for you.  Professional teeth whitening is able to lighten even the toughest stains from your enamel including wine, blueberry, tobacco, cola beverages, even coffee.  Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greg Meier at Hillview Dental Care to see how professional teeth whitening can brighten up your day!

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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

Here at Hillview Dental Care, our number one concern is your oral health!  We are happy to discuss any concerns our patients have regarding professional teeth whitening treatments as we want them to make educated decisions.  It is important to always be cautious when using any kind of whitening treatment.  When using the at-home professional whitening trays that you receive from Hillview Dental Care, we require that each of our patients have a complete consultation with our doctor to ensure a safe and effective treatmentClick here to begin your journey to a dazzling, bright new smile!

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Time to Try Professional Teeth Whitening?

Having a difficult time brightening your smile with store-bought teeth whitening products?  Professional teeth whitening may be right for you and can be an incredibly affordable option!  Call (805) 643-4184 to schedule a consultation with a top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Greg Meier at Hillview Dental Care!

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Keri H.

I've seen lots of dentist in my years, but I've never had a dentist as great as Dr. Meier and his staff. I can honestly say I look forward too seeing them! Always pleasant, clean office.

Alice O.

Friendly & Positive Family run practice. Clean, neat office.
p.s loved that Dentist doesn`t pretend to be Dr.Phil, like most do.


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