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Highly Advanced Dental Technology Is Here

Dr. Greg Meier of Ventura is committed to offering his patients highly advanced dental technology. The entire Hillview Dental Care team is always committed to providing the most effective treatment with the least chair-time. We are excited to now share with you our most recent advancement found in the BIOLASE EPIC X diode laser. This laser therapy machine allows more effective treatments for completing many common dental procedures quickly with less pain and faster healing. How can the BIOLASE EPIC X benefit You?

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Today my Gums are Healthy!

“When it came to my dental care routine, I was always very diligent. However, when I moved to California from out of state I took my time looking for a dentist. After a few years of not visiting a dentist I started to experience embarrassing, persistent bad breath and swollen gums. I never had anything like it before, so I immediately began searching for a dentist. Hillview Dental Care in Ventura was the first one recommended to me and I am so thankful. I was able to get an appointment that day! During my appointment Dr. Meier diagnosed me with gingivitis. To treat the infection he created a detailed plan that began with a gentle, deep cleaning treatment from one of his skilled hygienists to remove plaque buildup and bacteria. Today my gums are healthy and I am so thrilled with the high quality of care I received! I encourage everyone I know to visit Dr. Meier and Hillview Dental Care in Ventura.”

Oxnard, CA
5-Star Rating

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The BIOLASE EPIC X diode laser has made dental surgeries easier in so many ways starting with impressions, the first incision and all the way to recovery! For example, Dr. Greg Meier uses this laser to treat gum disease by quickly and relatively painlessly removing inflamed and damaged gum tissue. This, followed by proper oral care, is the perfect way to combat gum disease and gum recession. The laser can also be used to shape your gum line through soft tissue gingival contouring, leaving your smile looking perfect! This is also his tool of choice throughout the entirety of implant treatment from incisions into the gum for implant placement to uncovering dental implants or esthetically recontouring the gingival margin for a prettier result.

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Don’t let Gingivitis Advance to Periodontitis

The use of this laser during dental surgery not only is less invasive, but also allows for much quicker recovery times, drastically reducing the need of pain medications following the procedures. Your dental surgery may now only require topical anesthesia with minimal bleeding. The thought of dental surgery can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Call your Ventura dentist today to discuss your dental needs at (805) 643-4184.

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BIOLASE Pain Management

There are several people that are suffering from the agonizing pain caused by sores found in the mouth. Not only do these hurt, but often aren’t too pretty on the eyes, affecting the overall happiness and confidence of our Ventura, Oxnard, and Ojai dental patients. The BIOLASE EPIC X laser can be used to treat and drastically decrease the healing times of these annoying and embarrassing sores. This laser can also be used to completely remove certain growths found within the mouth such as papillomas and fibromas. These growths are generally the result of a hard bite on the cheek or tongue and now can be removed quickly and effectively with very limited healing time! Don’t suffer anymore! Call us today at (805) 643-4184.

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